Relaxing Massages in Bangalore

Relaxing Massage

Indian Head Massage


A wonderfully massage for your head, neck and shoulders. this will stimulate the blood circulation to your scalp nourishing it and improving hair growth. this treatment also effective for relieving headaches.

Indian Foot Massage


Massage and application of pressure to the reflex points found on the soles of your feet which act as small mirrors reflecting the entire body.

Stress Free Back Massage


Feel free from the tension in your shoulders, neck, lower back and melt away with this relaxing massage where the areas of focus will be customized according to your needs.

Swedish Massage


A massage done with the aid of oils, incorporating long smooth strokes creating very relaxing experience.

Aroma Therapy


A gental massage designed to soothe and revitalized the mind and body using a blend of aroma therapy essential oils.

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